On Finding Yourself

Everywhere you look, you are being encouraged to be somebody else. Listen to them and they will have you dress in the latest attire, drive the latest supercar, work at the latest corporate trend setting empire. You get the picture.

But what about you?

Is that what ‘you’ want, or are you being influenced by somebody else’s ideal?If you think about it, life has been like that since birth. From an early age, we are encouraged to act a certain way. During our school years, parental or peer pressure may be the reason we choose a specific subject or follow a particular course of study.

In early adulthood, environmental influences drive us along certain paths, maybe we end up following in the footsteps of our parents or other successful family member. Pretty soon we have been moulded by others into the person they think we should be (and maybe the kind of person they failed to become).

But what about you?

Granted there are some who rebel against such pressures and take a completely different course. But is that their choice, or are they simply complying with those pressures in a different way?

I guess the purpose of this is to suggest that maybe we listen to what ‘we’ want, that is what our own intuition tells us to do. Many of us do and that’s great, but a fair proportion of society are still driven by a desire to fit in — or comply with — certain ideals that are probably long past being relevant.

Have you striven to be uniquely you? If you have, share with us your secrets to breaking the binds of compliance…

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