To promote my Do Workshop: DO/YOU — How to build a strong personal brand, I asked myself, (as I was the only one around at the time), what it might be like to write the largest, longest Medium headline ever.

I wondered too, if this might be the first Medium post that was entirely headline, and didn’t actually have any body copy. (@Ev, can you get back to me on that one please?)

Nor, you’ll notice, have I used any massive, sexy, out-of-focus, yet suddenly crystal-clear header photographs.

(Or any of those cute, discrete, yet standy-out ‘Pull Quotes’)


I wanted it to demonstrate, (or do I mean dramatise) how The Do Workshops are different.

How they break a few rules. Challenge a few conventions and maybe even put few noses out of joint. (But not sweet reader, we hasten to add, those of our attendees.)

At DO/YOU we’ll take a fresh, and forensic look at your personal brand online.

We’ll go, to what we hope, are some pretty interesting places:

Including some cracking advice taken from Morrissey. And a few leaves out of Rupert Murdoch’s book. (We won’t however be trotting out the usual, once useful, now over-used; GaryVee, Richard Branson, or Elon Musk tosh.)

We will look at systematic and creative ways to get your online presence up-to-chuff and way beyond.

We’ll explore innovative ways to grow your network, and why it’s important.

Why misused, mistreated, and misunderstood Linkedin might be the most useful platform you don’t use:

We’ll also ask, and hopefully answer, some burning questions such as: ‘How can you be a thought leader, when nobody knows what you think?’

‘How do you find the time?’

‘How come photographs often say more than words?’

And, ‘Can the Modern Executive who doesn’t use social media effectively, really be a Modern Executive?’

Oh, and we’ll bundle the whole gig up in a beautifully designed workbook, which will evolve into your own personal social media playbook as the workshop unfolds.

The first DO/YOU is at the beautiful Hay Studio, in the rolling Cornish countryside on Friday 29th April.

The venue for the London workshop, on June 6th, will be announced shortly.

We hope you can join us.

Find out more about this and other Do Workshops, DM me on Twitter or call 07484 124 165:

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