The greatest war man fights is the one within.

You’re driving your thoughts or you’re doing it wrong.

Thoughts running faster than a Kenyan runner chasing gold metal.

Mental organization that looks like a game of 52 pick up with a few decks of cards, strewn across a packed garage with puddles of motor oil greasing up the situation.

We all have all these…


They keep us up at night. They nag us in the mornings, harder than our crave for our morning ritual…coffee…cigarette…breakfast…meditation…denial.

It’s not the ideas that haunt us. It’s what we do instead of chasing our dreams that plagues our happiness with a deep endless pierce in our subconscious.

To live without achieving our full potential is what all of us are capable of. But not all of us pull that off.

Some of us ignore the self doubt.

Tune out the naysayers.

Forget the rules of a normal life.

And live with purpose.

Example: my life mission is to travel and educate people on how to fight disease with food. I’ve built and am building a wealth of knowledge. Now I need people and a stage.

If you’ve got more than 3 priorities you’ve got none.

See, our caveman brains have us set on this path. Like any organism of this planet, we’re programmed at a deep subconscious level to do two things.

  1. Stay safe (boooooring)
  2. Propagate the species (sexy)

Our fear of being alone comes from our caveman brain as well. Not being in the pack, back in the caveman days, meant we’d been left behind due to weakness.

Being with a mate pushes us to build our own pack. Which makes us safe. And gives us an opportunity to reproduce.

Think back to the days of kings and queens. Keeping their last name alive for generations meant everything. It still means something to some people.

But how do we figure out how to live?

Do we listen to the subconscious programming of safety and reproduction?

Or do we fight with ourselves to make dreams happen?

How do ya want to be remembered?

  • Loving parent, great neighbor, nice guy, caring folk
  • A dream defeating, productive, go getter, who is setting trends and leading packs of likeminded people that want to be their best selves.

It’s your call.

You control what you think about.

And let me tell you something, what you think is what you get.

A few quotes to help you be either version of you you’d like.

Success comes from jumping from failure to failure with great enthusiasm

Most people’s deathbed regrets are all of the things they didn’t do

If you don’t make time to be healthy, you’ll make time to be ill

Good luck. We only get one shot to be ourselves. Don’t. Sell. Yourself. Short.

Those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.

Every decision you’ve made in life brought you here. To read these words. To digest these thoughts. A crossroads, of being the best you, or just being.

Thanks for being.

I hope you’ll find me on periscope. Matter of fact, I challenge you to join the many who were goodly enough to trust their time with me.

Watch what we do, how we do it, and learn why we do it…or you’re a dummy.

Be careful what you put in your mind and mouth. Some people are here to take your money. But a few of us are here to earn a thanks. A thanks for helping you find your path. A thanks for helping you be your best you.

I submit that to be comfortable with yourself you have to take an uncomfortable look at your past. Your actions. Your thoughts.

How you think depicts how you think.

How you think leads to how you act.

How you act builds habits.

Habits build your life…be happy with yourself.


Change until you’re happy.

How you do one thing is how you do everything

Always do what you’ve always done and you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten

Get your shit together. Or you’re going to lose it

When you’re at your darkest hour, think of all the pain people went through to help themselves and to help you.



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