United State of Confusion: How DOCTORS ARE KILLING US

Don’t think that one of the greats was just joking.

When is the last time you brushed your teeth? How about a sip of tap water?

What do we know about fluoride?

The pineal gland?

The thing is, we have an untapped part of our brain that we have managed to fuck over with the use of chemicals that have been introduced into our diets.

In 1906ish The Poison Club started tearing apart what humans considered edible. By the way, whoever named a chemical

Natural Flavoring

is the definition of the enemy. Fuck that guy.

I fear for our culture’s future. I fear that population control is a major concern of our government. What if Catholicism was created to make us think that one man dying for many others to live is the way to go?

I’m not going to say anything else about religion due to one of my top 20 favorites nailing the hell out of it. Put your eyes and ears on this dude right HERE. (Firing on all pistons)

Ok. Ok. I’m rambling. Here is the point.

  • Change how you talk
  • Change how you think
  • Change how you act
  • Change your life.

Here is your assignment. I’ve done this with many of you already.





Pen and paper. Remember those. I swear to you, the universe listens. Need social proof? Take a minute out of the monotony and have a dose of Napoleon Hill. The first book that you should dig in on after you read/listen to How to…

Here is what I am begging of you. But first you’ll

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Camera phone
  • The Lust For Life

Write down 3 goals. Leave room in between each goal. Make the goals big. Make them achievable. Have reasons those goals are important. Tattoo these goals in your mind after you write them down a few days in a row. BUT

Between each goal, write steps to achieve the goals. But these steps are to be written in the following order

  1. Something you can do in the next week
  2. Something you can do in the next 3–6 month
  3. Something you can do in the next year.

Write these down for a fucking month. Every day. Before you listen to THIS

Then have 30 grams of protein. And an ice cold shower. Tim Ferriss explains why that’s key.

Here is how this looks

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