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It’s difficult for me to criticize a guy for not making a deal when I don’t know the proposals. Unfortunately for the Celtics they didn’t have a mid lottery pick to couple with an injured dunk champion who has questionable decision making with a 23 yr old second yr player who could barely get on the floor for a 31 win team. Instead the Celtics had the number 3 pick which was much more valuable then 7 and their players to trade like smart and brown are both better then the twolves players involved. And I’m guessing the Bulls weren’t terribly interested in a pick in next years draft. If they were trading Butler last night then they were getting a pick in last nights draft in return.

As for George, no matter what the deal is it could be a disaster if he leaves after 1 year like everyone thinks. I really don’t know that there was a deal to make last night.

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