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Just another example of how a large a percentage of Ringer staffers don’t have the pulse of pop culture. Which seems rather important considering this is a pop culture website. So many bad takes conveniently located in one post. Whether its movie reviews, exit surveys or Television reviews the site’s staffers continually confound.

Asking who is winning this feud right now is a joke. Katy Perry is flopping as hard as any pop star in recent memory and the second Swift announces her next album drop she’ll outsell this Perry album in the first hour.

By the way, its kind of a problem when this site has been around for a year and I still don’t really know who any of these people are. What I mean is they don’t have a recognizable personality. Where is the next Chris Ryan? Where is the next Mallory Rubin? Where is the next Shea Serrano. The only recognizable personalities all came from Grantland.