How to Detect Fake News in Real-Time
Krishna Bharat

Great article Krishna. I agree that AI is the correct approach. I share your concern that transparency is vital but for an important long term purpose.

A few months ago I posted on Medium a “solution” to fake news. It adopted the notion that the crowd could sniff it out if it had the tools.

Having recently been looking at machine learning for my own project and now reading your article I realise yours is the correct approach. However, the crowd notion has significant value for auditing and transparency.

Primary education — you know, for little kids — ought to include the healthy practice of scientific skepticism. Don’t trust everything you hear. Your world-view is precious and needs to be real rather than distorted.

If there was a public website which had a page per story-bucket showing real-time meta statistics exactly as you describe and then the human intervention or verification/auditing process was automatically documented, it would become a brilliant education tool for everyone, not just schoolkids.

Well done sir!

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