Deploying an i18n Angular app with angular-cli
Philippe Martin

Thanks for the article!

Small update for those who are using Sass and struggling with angular internationalization. There is a new utility in angular/cli which works pretty well already.

ng xi18n <options…>
Extracts i18n messages from source code.
— i18n-format (String) (Default: xlf)
aliases: -f <value>, -xmb ( — i18n-format=xmb), -xlf ( — i18n-format=xlf), — xliff ( — i18n-format=xlf), — i18nFormat <value>
— output-path (Path) (Default: null)
aliases: -op <value>, — outputPath <value>
— verbose (Boolean) (Default: false)
aliases: — verbose
— progress (Boolean) (Default: true)
aliases: — progress
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