News Review #1

Here’s your top weekly stories about Snapchat:

Smashed wrote, “Snapchat arguably offers some of the best real time data.” A stretch at best.

Inc wrote, “Snapchat…make(s) their network obtuse — to “confuse the olds” and keep them off the system. Result? Hundreds of millions of members, and marketers begging to get in.” As we saw from danah boyd’s research, teens aren’t interested because “the olds” aren’t there, but because their friends are. Skip Inc and the piece of the week in Entrepreneur.

Buzzfeed and Business Insider shared the work Mark Suster is doing on Snapchat. Skip the articles and follow Suster.

The Guardian explained how well the Bernie Sanders campaign is using Snapchat.

Forbes wrote 5 reasons for your business to be on Snapchat — “(#5) prove how cool you are.” If you have to prove you’re cool, you aren’t cool. If you have to use this to fill out a list, dig deeper for the article.

Wired wrote about how to use the app.


Here’s this week’s worst ad on Snapchat.

Ads on Snapchat still aren’t good…

The small and long small print isn’t good for this medium, neither is the brand building. This is the non-hipster hotdog — repackaged leftovers.

Instead? A montage of phones being dropped, dunked, and deserted but the backup ready to replace it. Come one Samsung!

Facebook Live is interesting in that it keeps Facebook at least abreast of the changes. The point of this research on Snapchat is to see when users (consumers & advertisers) switch to value one thing more.

If Facebook Live keeps Facebook “good enough,” then there won’t be any reason to switch.