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Your article forgot a major piece of information. Ghostbusters performed dreadfully overseas. You can pretend that 200 million box office is successful and that 500 million is an unreasonable expectation. However, when you consider the amount of Countries and Movie Theaters it is released in. 500 million becomes much more reasonable. Domestically it actually performed quite well. Furthermore, it wasn’t until it was released internationally that Sony leaked that a sequel would not be ordered. Up until that point, press had been hinting towards a sequel. This points to the larger issue that this film had. It was made for American women ages 10–49, and they took that demographic for all 200 million that they could. This film is a poor quality reboot in an era of poor quality reboots. If this is viewed as sexist I apologize. But, I have never enjoyed a movie because of the gender of the leads or the writers or the director. And I do not believe a film deserves praise just because it features 4 female leads if the movie is not worthy of our praise. I would rather celebrate the brialliance and imagination of a Bridesmades. Then continue to pretend that Ghostbusters was a good movie.