How To Find The Time

How do you find the time? I’m often asked this question a lot by friends, family and colleagues. Where do I find the time, the motivation, the ideas and the energy? How do you get it done? How do you find the time? The simple answer: I don’t find the time, it appears before me.

Believe me, I use to spend a ton of time trying to plan out when I would be working on a project; when I would edit my novel, when I would continue writing my next play, my latest article, when would I do some spot illustrations, start working on my comic book, my comic strips, when will I act more in digital sketches or on the theatre stage, when will I find all the freaking time to do all this, plus workout and not to mention relax? Some things are easier done than others. Small routines are best for certain things, but other things just kind of happen organically. To be honest, as everyone knows who has a million things to do, you can’t get it all done no matter what.

This article you’re reading right now is actually a surprise to myself, I was in the middle of editing my newest novel and the idea for this just came to me so I found a reasonable place to stop and flipped open my Windows tablet and started jotting this down, even though I should probably use my laptop, but don’t, which drives my girlfriend crazy. That’s a good example though of what I was saying about ‘small routines. I’ve always written on my Windows tablet and honestly find it weird to write on my laptop which I mostly use for doing graphic design work. In my mind I have certain tools for specific needs, even though some can do multiple things. This actually helps in my productive progress because to me I need to compartmentalize my projects in specific ways in order to organize things. So, despite what my girlfriend thinks, there is a method to my madness.

My advice to you is to, let the time surprise you. Definitely have a list of projects and goals you want to accomplish but don’t have specific times to do them, unless they are a special case of course. Let them happen organically. You can still have a deadline in this way but it just helps you stay loose, creatively, at least that’s what works for me. As for the motivation and energy? Well, my energy is easy, I feed off the energy the universe. At least that’s what a friend said I do once, I liked it so much that I just have never bothered coming up with a better answer to that question. Also, I only sleep like 4–5 hours a night, thus allowing me to get up and work while You sleep. That kind of sleep isn’t for everyone, I know, but it’s just how I’m wired. My motivation is simple as well and it, unlike my energy explanation, can work for you too. Think of this: there’s always some jerk out there doing way more, way better than you. That’s not something to get depressed about, but excited about, be competitive for in a healthy way. The jerks I keep in mind are all my personal heroes, they can be dead or alive. Mine are; Bruce Lee, James Franco, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Neil Gaiman, all men who multitask with ease and an air of charisma. I want so badly to be on this list of greats that it pushes me to make sure that number one: I’m better than the idiot I was yesterday. That’s it, the ultimate truth.

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