Monday, You Old So and So

There’s a stigma about the beginning of the week. Not Sunday, I’m not talking about Sunday. Sunday is fine. I’m talking about Monday. You know what I’m talking about. It’s everywhere, your friends, co-workers (especially your co-workers), cartoons, books and even your old friend, television. Why? I mean yeah it’s technically the beginning of a new work week, but not really. For retailers it’s just another day. I suppose it really is the beginning of a new week for those in school. Still though, why the negative vibes for Monday?

A new school of thought out there is the opposite to the cliche of Monday. For myself I like to think of Monday as if I’m stepping out on my back porch and staring at the one hundred acre backyard (I can dream) dreaming of the landscaping possibilities. The new school of thought is to see Monday as a challenge, as if it’s full of opportunities and vigor, to get out there and really accomplish something. Each and every day is the same, think about it, you wake up and go do work or school and then go home and eat and go to sleep and then it all repeats. Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday or even Friday. So infuse each and every day with a spark in the right direction for you, whatever that means to you. Start with Monday or continue on in Monday. Don’t just live like a dream or work incredibly hard at attaining your dream Friday night through Sunday evening. Take Monday back! Make Monday yours again! Rise to the occasion don’t lull down into a deep seeded Monday-blues feel. Heck if it helps, pretend Monday is Friday, whatever works, fake it till you make it! A large part of how you feel about any given thing is determined by what you do, which of course is motivated by how you expect it to increase the happiness in your life.

On Monday, any given Monday you’re not going to end up accomplishing everything you need to do to feel complete in your life. However I will say that if you make a list of things to do (like I do each and every day) you will accomplish at least two of the ten things you’ve written down. Not fearing Monday is important for your accomplishing anything, think about it, you dread it and yet it comes, week after week, like some unrelenting bastard of a thing. So why fight it? Embrace it! Make it a part of the joy of living there is to be had. Look forward to Monday. A new year is coming and it’s not going to stop making you experience Monday. So be ready for it, plan and then execute those plans. Research what it is and how it is you need to make happen what you want to happen and DO IT. There’s a power in this approach to life, a sense that gives you control in something that you have limited control in. Heck you could grind Tuesday through Sunday and make Monday your relaxation day, even really make you love Monday. Reverse engineer everything you can. As a writer myself one lesson I’ve learned is to always know where you want the story to end, then you know what things have to happen in order to get there and while you’re planning that, you can enjoy the ride.

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