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Trump is not supporting all “back rowers”. He has specifically targeted back row whites. For over a year, he has ignored blacks and Latinos unless he was saying something negative about one of the groups to the delight of his supporters. The only reason he is speaking with “the blacks” (as he likes to call us) today is because he has been labeled a racist, which, in my eyes, is justifiable based on his past history and from the statements he has made while on the trail.

Back row whites do not like this new America. An America that is focusing on equality for homosexuals, women, blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and many others. They feel left behind because they no longer feel like the majority. They are like kids who do not want to share their crayons with the other children. That is why the slogan “Make America Great Again” works wonderfully for these people. It brings back images of a blissful time when blacks were 2nd class citizens, a woman’s place was at home raising the children, and when homosexuality was hidden deep in the closet. The world is changing too fast for these people and they cannot handle it.

As for Hillary’s ‘deplorable’ comment, it was harsh. She shouldn’t have said it. Nevertheless, it was accurate. I have argued with Trump supporters and some of them are vile human beings. There is a lot of hatred and ignorance that is fueling them. It is very present on social media. Since Trump’s emergence last year, I have seen an increase in the number of racist, misogynistic memes on my feeds. The number of completely bonkers conspiracy theories about Obama and Hillary have increased as well. Some of his supporters are out their minds. But, let the stats tell the story.

80% believe that immigrants are a burden to this country.

44% are angered when they hear someone speaking another language that is not English.

Four-fifths of his supporters agree with the wall, the temporary ban on Muslims, and denying access for Syrian refugees. Studies show that most of his supporters will not even encounter an immigrant in their neighborhood.

Nearly 20% think freeing the slaves was a bad idea.

I can go on and on. But, to keep it short, these people are not nice. As an African-American living in this country, I’m truthfully kind of scared.

To me, this is not a front row vs back row argument even though I do agree with their complaints about growing inequality in this country. However, as I have shown above, their support of Trump is about a whole lot more than inequality and international trade. Some Trump supporters clearly have corroded souls and should not have a platform to express such toxic attitudes. That is what this election means to me. This is a battle for continued progress in this country.

Americans like to boast about America’s values. Now it is time for them to start living up to them.

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