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Entrepreneurship experts say that an entrepreneur must have a higher than average risk tolerance to be successful, nay, even to BE an entrepreneur. This is true, of course, but entrepreneurs also have a high tolerance for one of my favorite German words: schmutzig.

Those of you with a little knowledge of Yiddish will recognize the word. It means messy in Yiddish, but in German it’s just the regular word for “dirty.” Entrepreneurs must also love mess, because the creative process is messy.

Creating a company is a large exercise in orchestration, something like “do this, move this piece into place there.. .oh wait, a little to the left. Ok good, now that’s done, this piece can happen over there. …

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This post is not a plea for you to give money or charity to the poor this holiday season. In fact, I’m asking you to do something harder.

If you are a business leader, you have more power to help the poor than you know. You need to use it.

Over the last three centuries, during the time when our modern economy was built, it was built to maximize profit. Most businesses on our planet are profit maximizing businesses (“PMBs” for short — a definition from Nobel laureate Mohammad Yunus.) …

Some of the Agents who received financial help through Fair Trade Outsourcing’s impact programs.

We started collecting data about our Agents and their economic decisions in the last quarter of 2018. We were focused on asking questions like “What do you spend your salary on?” …


Mike Dershowitz

Mike is the CEO of Fair Trade Outsourcing, a people-first BPO company that uses the power of the free market to fight poverty and promote moral leadership.

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