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I recently found myself tweeting a full, 140 character message. But, after it gained the attention of a few people, I felt I needed much more room than a simple tweet to cover my thoughts. This article serves that purpose.


Let me set the stage with a bit of context. Simon Brown, a software architecture advocate and author I follow and have read, tweeted this:

My maximum-length response was:

I have to be honest with you, as I always am: I found Domain Driven Design after many years (more than two decades!) of software development. This decades-long experience likely made understanding Domain Driven Design easier for me. …

There is nothing new here — coding asynchronously has always been a staple of high-throughput server-side software, not to mention every application ever written with a graphical UI. There are multiple methods to code asynchronously, and many religions exist amongst these methods.

Fundamentally, asynchronous code takes the what might otherwise have been a single-flow of execution with a lot of waiting around, and schedules parts for some future time. The primary reason for asynchronous code is to make better use of your computing resources — things like network and disk IO are glacially slow compared to the ability of the CPU to crunch and process data. …

As in many other modern cloudy technologies, I have been reading from the sidelines but not actually engaging with the products. I have a new system which I want to use etcd in order to decouple the configuration APIs from the distributed nodes which will provide the service. After my deep dive into Kubernetes and understanding its architecture, I could not help but want to follow suit and use etcd as the glue for my service.

I figured etcd is one of these nice, new shiny pieces of software that is just going to work out of the box. While yes, it did, there were some major stumbling blocks which consumed more time than I care to admit figuring out. …


Michael Douglass

Developing code & running servers from the dawn of the Internet. I still enjoy the thrill of learning and am passionate about software architecture. Everywhere!

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