Cathay Dupont Awards: 2016 duPont Winners

These 16 winning programs and one citation appeared on air, online or in theaters between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

ABC News

A substantive, sensitive interview spotlighted one of this year’s most talked about social issues — transgenderism is cathay dupont awards.

Diane Sawyer, Anchor; David Sloan, Sr. Executive Producer; Mark Robertson, Sr. Editorial Director; Rob Vint, Director; Jessica Velmans, Senior Producer; Margaret Dawson, Sean Dooley, Lead Producers; Gail Deutsch, Keturah Gray, Eric Johnson, Tess Scott, Candace Smith, Claire Weinraub, Producers; Mary Kathryn Burke, Mark Abdelmalek, Editorial Producers; Sunny Antrim, Emily Whipp, Field Producers; Francesca Ferreira, Christina Ng, Associate Producers; James Holbrook, Kevin Bartles, Graphic Artist; Robert Ferrari, Ruth Iwano, Luis Mendizabal, Gina Pampinella, Jack Pyle, Bud Proctor, Joi DeLeon, Kenneth Kerr, Jeremy Phillips, Nicole Swink, Christine “Tine” Fields, Editors; Thomas Buttner, Assistant Editor; Chris Komives, Sam Painter, Herb Forsberg, Tony Forma, Camera; Dave Coulter, Alex Klymko, David Mitlyng, Jeremy Drowne, Mike Karas, Audio.

Digital Content: Dan Silver, Executive Producer, Digital; Xana O’Neill, Managing Editor; Ronnie Polidoro, Senior Producer; Lauren Effron, Producer; Meghan Keneally, Digital Reporter; Lori Neuhardt, Lead Creative Designer; Jeff Schneider, Producer; Emily Quartaro, Social Media Editor; Terri Lichstein, Senior Producer, ABC News Magazines for Digital and Social Content

Al Jazeera America — Kartemquin Films

Hard Earned

The immersive verité filmmaking of this six-part series invested viewers in the lives of the struggling working class by creating compelling human portraits.

Cynthia Kane, Senior Commissioning Producer; Gordon Quinn, Steve James and Justine Nagan, Executive Producers; Maggie Bowman, Series Producer; Katy Chevigny, Maria Finitzo, Ruth Leitman, Brad Lichtenstein, and Joanna Rudnick, Directors; David E. Simpson and Liz Kaar, Co-Directors/Editors; Mary Morrissette and Elizabeth Stanton, Co-Producers; Hillary Bachelder, Associate Editor.

CBS NEWS — 60 Minutes

A Crime Against Humanity

Previously unheard testimony and unseen images bore shocking witness to the 2013 Syrian sarin gas attacks.

Scott Pelley, Correspondent; Jeff Fager, Executive Producer; Bill Owens, Executive Editor; Nicole Young, Producer; Katie Kerbstat, Co­Producer; Amjad Tadros, Co­Producer; Ali Rawaf, Associate Producer; Jorge J. Garcia, Editor; Dan Bussell, Chris Everson, Ian Robbie, Camera; Anton van der Merwe and Everett Wong, Sound.

Cronkite News | Arizona PBS

Hooked: Tracking Heroin’s Hold on Arizona

A local student/professional partnership highlighted a flourishing but hidden heroin epidemic in Arizona.

Jacqueline Petchel, Mark Lodato, Executive Producers; Erin Patrick O’Connor, Director/Editor; Elizabeth Blackburn, Producer/Assistant Editor; Sandy Balazic, Lauren Loftus, Hunter Marrow, Reporters; Sean Logan, Jessica Boehm, Dominick DiFurio, Emilie Eaton, Danielle Grobmeier, Lauren Handley, Vivian Padilla, Hannah Lawrence, Liliana Salgado, Reporters/Photographers; Jim Jacoby, Production Manager.


Ebola Outbreak & Outbreak

Two separate comprehensive Ebola hours combined to dominate coverage of this tragic international story.

Ebola Outbreak

David Fanning, Executive Producer; Raney Aronson­Rath (CJS ‘95), Deputy Executive Producer; Eamonn Matthews, Executive Producer, Quicksilver Media; Dan Edge, Senior Producer; Andrew Metz, Series Senior Editor; Wael Dabbous, Producer/Director/Camera, Shaunagh Connaire, Reporter.


David Fanning, Executive Producer; Raney Aronson­Rath, Deputy Executive Producer; Andrew Metz, Series Senior Editor; Dan Edge, Director/Producer; Sasha Joelle Achilli, Co­Producer.


Growing Up Trans

An artful feature length documentary presented a poignant, clear­eyed examination of the complex world of transgender children.

Raney Aronson­Rath, Executive Producer; David Fanning, Executive Producer at Large; Andrew Metz, Series Senior Editor; Karen O’Connor, Producer; Miri Navasky, Producer


HBO Documentary Films in association with Sky Atlantic and Jigsaw Productions

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

A blockbuster feature length documentary exposé of Scientology challenged powerful interests head on.

Alex Gibney, Writer/Producer/Director; Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer for HBO; Sara Bernstein, Supervising Producer for HBO; Lawrence Wright, Kristen Vaurio, Producers; Chris Wilson, Executive Producer, Sky Atlantic

HBO — Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

The Price of Glory

An exceptional magazine investigation exposed the dark side of Qatar’s plan to host the 2022 World Cup, from buying athletes to exploiting workers.

Josh Fine, Producer; David Scott, Correspondent/Producer; J’13 Jake Rosenwasser, Associate Producer; Joe Perskie, Senior Producer; Andy Bowley, Director of Photography; Mike Long, Stuart Ash, Editor; Tim Walker, Coordinating Producer; Nick Dolin, Senior Coordinating Producer; Bryant Gumbel, Host; Rick Bernstein, Executive Producer

KMOV-TV & Craig Cheatham

The Injustice System: Cops, Courts and Greedy Politicians

This commercial­-free hour­-long documentary exposed a revenue­-driven system of law enforcement in St. Louis County.

Craig Cheatham, Executive Producer/Investigative Reporter; Mike Murphy, General Manager; Brian Thouvenot, Executive News Director; Jim Thomas, News Photographer/Editor; Ryan Bellamy, Photographer/Editor.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Watershed moment: Great Lakes at a Crossroads

An informative multimedia project clearly illustrated the damage caused to the Great Lakes by invasive species.

Dan Egan, Reporter ­ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; Erin Caughey, Bill Schulz, Multimedia journalists; Lou Saldivar, Graphic artist; Mark Hoffman, Photojournalist.


Selfie Soldiers: Russia’s Army Checks in to Ukraine

Innovative reporting tracked Russian soldiers to Ukraine through their social media accounts

Simon Ostrovsky, Host/Producer; Shane Smith, Jason Mojica, Eddy Moretti, Suroosh Alvi, Executive Producers; Martina Veltroni, Supervising Producer; Neha Shastry, J’12 Nilo Tabrizy, Associate Producers;

Mikhail Galustov, Director of Photography; Dina Rayzman, Dmitriy Khavin, Editors; Brittany Ross, Associate Editor.

WBAL-TV & Jayne Miller

Freddie Gray Investigation

Outstanding local breaking news coverage of the death of Freddie Gray

Tim Tunison, News Director; Jayne Miller, Lead Investigative Reporter.

WBEZ & This American Life

Serial: Season One

A groundbreaking podcast series about the inadequacies of the criminal justice system

Sarah Koenig, Host/Executive Producer; Julie Snyder, Executive Producer; J’09 Dana Chivvis, Producer; Ira Glass, Editorial Advisor; Emily Condon, Production & Operations Manager.


Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies

An ambitious documentary series tackled a challenging topic with depth, context and humanity.

Ken Burns, Executive Producer, Co­Writer; J’86 Barak Goodman, Series Producer/Director/Co­Writer; Dalton Delan, Pamela Oas Williams, David S. Thompson, Laura Ziskin, Executive Producers; Siddhartha Mukherjee, Author; Chris Durrance, Deborah Dickson, Jack Youngelson, Directors; Peter Livingston, Karen Sim, Nancy Novack, Editors; Geoffrey Ward, David Blistein, Co­Writers


NYPD Bruised

The hard hitting series of investigative radio reports used data analysis to show questionable NYPD practices.

Jim Schachter, Vice President, News; Robert Lewis, Investigative Reporter; David L. Lewis, Metropolitan Editor; Noah Veltman, Data News Reporter; John Keefe, Senior Editor, Data News.


Journey Alone

An enlightening short documentary about the surge in illegal immigration of unaccompanied minors and its impact on North Carolina

Leyla Santiago, Anchor/Reporter; Kelly Hinchcliffe, Reporter; Rick Gall, News Director; Aysu Basaran, Assistant News Director; Zac Gooch, Photographer/Editor; Steve Loyd, Graphic Artist.

Special Finalist Citation KCBS Radio

Unholy Water

An unvarnished series of investigative radio reports exposes a church soaking the homeless overnight to keep them from sleeping on the church steps.

Doug Sovern, Reporter; Ed Cavagnaro, Director of News & Programming.