Getting slushed — Street Feast Dinerama

Thursday is the new Friday after all, whatever that means

Despite being on the London food scene for quite some time now, I had managed to dodge visiting street food giant Street Feast until this week — not for want of trying mind you.

However I have now been initiated.

Ducking out of the unanticipated Shoreditch rain, I picked up my complimentary drink vouchers (courtesy of Time Out Black yet again) and pushed open the door to this little island of street food goodness.

Embarrassingly dripped juices everywhere trying to get a good shot of this burger

To my mind Dinerama offers just the right amount of choice in terms of dealers; a good variety of different options but not so many as to overwhelm.

I decided to kick off my first visit with a classic duck burger from Duck n Roll — something I’d been meaning to try for a while. The brioche bun sandwiches a duck meat patty, ossau cheese, crispy duck “bits”, salad, balsamic onions and spicy tomato sauce.

As far as I can recall I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a duck patty such as this — normally eateries would opt for the shredded duck approach — so this was a delicious novelty. Being a big fan of duck I lapped this burger up pretty quickly and was pleasantly surprised by the taste, particularly that of the tomato sauce that really set the whole thing off. Can definitely recommend.

These slushies aren’t for kids

The specific drinks that my Time Out Black membership entitled me to this month were either a slushy from FÜNKENPÜMPER or a Frontier craft lager. I was never going to go for a lager (no matter how crafty it is) and slushies have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, so above we have the “blue” and “yellow” flavours side by side.

Specifically these slushes are vodka mixed with Red Bull and a bunch of juices. Clearly not the healthiest drinks out there, but good fun for sure — and who can turn down a free drink?!

As one might expect they were a bit sickly-sweet (particularly the bright blue raspberry flavour) and I could only just about stomach two of them. An experience worth having though!

Salad selfishly trying to steal the spotlight here

Despite my best efforts to avoid having two burgers in one trip, I ended up with a pork bun from Lagom. No regrets though.

This bun boasts “dry-brined, coal-roasted” pork shoulder, fennel slaw and sour apple. The pork was damn good and came in a generous portion; more than worth the surprisingly long wait for it to be ready.

Lagom’s menu was probably the most interesting of the lot for me and I think I’ll definitely be back for their “tomahawk pork chop” at the very least!

I doughnut, you doughnut, he/she/it doughnuts

Dessert options are a bit thinner on the ground at Dinerama, but thankfully you don’t need too much choice when doughnuts are on offer. These gorgeous doughnut bites from You Doughnut to be precise.

Torn between the two menu items I eventually settled on the “salted popcorn peanut caramel”, or words to that effect. As you might have guessed, this consisted of doughnuts in a salted caramel sauce with peanut brittle and popcorn (plus a dusting of cinnamon sugar). I even splashed out for some ice cream — the flavour sounded like “dog food”, but was described as “like rocky road” so was an easy sell.

Ice cream was definitely the right call to offset the rich sweetness of the sauce, not to mention it was just delicious in its own right. Not really convinced about the merits of the popcorn in this dish, but overall a thoroughly pleasant experience, and a fully satisfying one without having to stretch to a “large” portion!

I should have taken more “mood” shots, so here’s another food shot

My first Street Feast experience was most definitely a positive one. Obviously buoyed up by free drinks, but even without them the food would have kept me more than happy.

I spent £20.50 in total on my two burgers and dessert, which isn’t too outrageous. Taken individually I think I am happy with the price I paid for each item (specifically £7 for the duck burger, £8 for the pork bun and £5.50 for the doughnuts and ice cream) so nothing much to complain about. I will say though that I probably wouldn’t rock up to Dinerama post-7pm given the £3 entry fee at that point.

I get the feeling I’ll be back sooner rather than later to sample the remaining delights on offer…

We visited Street Feast Dinerama in Shoreditch on 27/04/2017 and I paid £20.50 for two burgers and a dessert. We also received 4 free drinks from my Time Out Black membership.

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