Round 2…FIGHT — Street Feast Dinerama (again)

Sure I didn’t need those doughnuts, but when does anyone ever actually NEED doughnuts?

After months of failing to find my way to Street Feast, two days after my first visit and I’m back for more. Probably a good sign?

Let’s just dive right into what I went for on this occasion (in addition to more free slushes of course)!

If I ask for a pizza with olives on it then I expect it to have more olives on it, simple as

To mix things up a bit — because I never go in for pizza at street food markets — I went straight for Fundi. In classic street pizza fashion they cook things up in front of your eyes in a wood-fired oven.

Opting for the “Napoli” (anchovies, capers & olives) I was reasonably satisfied with what I got. The standard pizza flavours from the tomato sauce and mozzarella were decent, and the anchovy definitely came through strongly, but the base itself was a bit too thin and floppy. Furthermore the limited number of olives was a bit of a joke as they were the main draw for me.

Being one of the less exciting joints in the venue in the first place, based on this experience I’m likely to give Fundi a miss in the future.


Next up was the intriguingly titled ‘whisky chicken’ from Farang (the “Thai street barbecue” stall).

This was pretty darn tasty. Two hefty bits of chicken in a nice BBQ-y, sugary, whisky-y glaze. Was a bit of a shame so much of the plate real estate was taken up by superfluous or simply inedible greens though.

Worth a go!

Makes me want to eat them all over again…

At this point I was agonising over what was going to be my final foray into mains for the evening. It was a close run thing between wings and bao, and evidently the wings won out (by virtue of a coin toss in this instance).

Specifically we’re talking the “chipuffalo” wings from BBQ lab; wings in a buffalo and chipotle sauce with a truffled blue cheese dip on the side. These guys were both fiery and delicious just taken as they’re presented above, but adding the incredibly smooth and creamy dip elevated them to a truly wonderful taste sensation.

Definitely worth a punt, but whilst the value improves the more wings you order, you’re probably not making the most of the environment if you’re indulging in 10 or more wings…

Why did I order the large?

You Doughnut must be making a killing my monopolising the dessert market at Dinerama. Nevertheless I jumped at the chance to try out the alternative flavour to the salted caramel & popcorn concoction I tried previously — here we have warm, fresh doughnuts in a malted chocolate sauce with a malteser and biscuit crumble.

Once again great stuff, though going for a large was probably a step too far on my part. It did feel like it was missing something without the accompanying ice cream, just for future reference.

It’s also worth pointing out that, due to people’s generosity and/or inability to finish their food (charlatans), I was able to sample a couple of other dishes. Namely the sticky Thai chicken bites from Farang — which were very nice bits of fried chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce — and the BBQ pork riblets from Lagom.

I had previously avoided the latter as “riblets” implied small in size but it turns out that these guys were beastly, providing a much more generous portion than I was expecting. They were tasty too, though what I tried was a bit gristly.

Now thinking of kicking-off a tour around Street Feast’s other venues; Hawker House here I come!

I visited Street Feast Dinerama in Shoreditch on 29/04/2017 and paid £18 for half the Napoli pizza, half the whisky chicken, 5 chicken wings and a large portion of doughnuts.

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