Awakening: A brush with death is my sign to go live

Awakening Reach photo courtesy of Mtsofan

It’s wet, I’m riding, I need to get to a meeting. I’m riding; my pace is steady leisurely almost. There is traffic, but there always is when a little rain pours down, everybody seems a little bit more impatient. A couple of intersections then I’ll be in the CBD, I’ll be early for my meeting, good start to the day I reckon. Then it comes out of nowhere. He/She/It’s seen a space between two cars and has pounced, I’ve got to make this turn is the thought that must be going through their head.

The car cuts right in front of me, I brake, “brake steady but fast, break steady but fast you don’t want to fly over your handle bars” is the thought that goes through my head. Shit I’m going to hit this car, shit I’m going to hit this car. SHIT, SHIT SHITTTT!!! I scream. I stop right at the back of the car near the taillight, they drive off. I’m left with my heart jumping out of my chest, thinking shit; I need to write this down

Shit I’m alive, thank God, and now go live.

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