10 Days on the iPad

My experiment continues. I am without a computer for 10 days now and working exclusively on my iPad. Here are some more interim conclusions.

1. I have not written a blog in 8 days because it is harder to write on the iPad even with a keyboard. If general, the tablet is a consumption device and not a creation device.
2. Blogger works poorly on the iPad. Inserting photos is clunky and in general it is difficult to work with. Text moves out of the field of view and is hard to bring back. So if there are mistakes in this post, blame it on blogger for the iPad.
3. If you do any serious typing on the iPad you need to have a Bluetooth keyboard. The problem is that shlepping the keyboard is both a pain in the neck and defeats the purpose. When you use the keyboard, I find the back and forth between the keyboard and the touchscreen to be disruptive to work flow.
4. Creating keynotes is a beautiful experience on the iPad if you do not mind working slowly. Very slowly. The minimalist design of keynote for iPad is pure genius and the length of time it takes to create one is pure agony.
5. Everything is slower on the tablet. If you are wondering why you have not gotten an email response from me recently, it is because my email response rate is down by close to 50% because the tablet slows me down.
6. The email experience on the tablet makes you forget about emails you got more than 24 hours ago. Something about the number of emails you can see on a screen and the need to reload them at the bottom makes older emails out of sight and therefore out of mind. Please don’t hate me for not getting back to you. It’s the tablet.
7. Cut and Paste and multitasking between apps things is a pain in the neck.
8. Posting to Facebook from the tablet is fickle when you include a link. Sometimes you get the link preview on the feed and sometimes you don’t. Twitter is much more straight forward and well integrated,
9. I cannot get over how many websites do not work properly on the tablet. I would put it At more than 50%. Lesson to websites, if I hit your site and it does not work on the tablet and format properly Right away, I am leaving. No Israeli government sites work on the iPad and I would say that 75% of the Hebrew sites I see do not work well on the tablet.
10. If you think pop ups are annoying on the web, they are much much worse on the iPad. It is hard to get rid of them, especially with my fat fingers.i accidentally click on them often. So now, after 10 days, when I see a pop up or an interstitial I either do do something else while it loads or bounce off the site,

All in all this has been a great learning experience for me as a venture capitalist. I am reading more books and watching more NBA and NFL highlights because the kindle app and the NBA and NFL apps are great ☺ can’t wait to get my new MacBook Pro in 2 weeks.

[Originally published on 23rd December 2013 by MIchael Eisenberg]