All In On The Tablet

On Thursday night, my car was broken into in a parking lot in Tel Aviv and my laptop was stolen. After setting up iCloud and findmyiphone to track it and erase it, I immeditaely turned to buying a new computer.

It turns out that buying a new MacBook Pro in Israel is harder than it looks as they do not have all the models in stock, and specifically not the one I wanted. The one they offered me was $1000 more expensive than it would be to buy it in the US with less functionality. That felt like a bad idea.

So I decided that this was a good time for an experiment. I have been reading about the explosive growth in tablets and the decline in PCs. Business Insider’s digital data dump confirms what we all know that PCs purchases are declining and tablets are exploding.

I am using my iPad 3 tablet exclusively until I can get my new MacBook Pro from the USA. That could be a few weeks since I am not traveling during the holiday season. This blog post is being typed using a regular keyboard tethered with bluetooth to my iPad.

I will keep you posted on the experiment. In the meantime, I need to go for a workout because I am carrying 3 pounds less weight all day.

[Originally published on 8th December 2013 by MIchael Eisenberg]