Citizen Journalism Comes to Israel

Together with Co-founder Michael Weiss and two intrepid editors, Ronit Sela and Yossi Saidov, we Israel’s first citizen journalism site three weeks ago (in Hebrew). The results have been astonishing. We have over 400 citizen journalists signed up and our readership is growing daily. See this article in the worlds leading citizen journalism site on the launch of Scoop (excerpt below).

“.. it was clear to that the country is ready for its first citizen-reporter Web site. Over 70 percent of Internet users are connected to the net with broadband. Israelis are “news-hounds” by virtue of living in one of the most dynamic countries on earth. More than 55 percent of Israelis don’t trust the current media. And much like Korea, there are a lot of different social groups that want to participate in the “information industry.” So, it’s true to say that Scoop was born during the OhmyNews conference. When I returned to Jerusalem, Michael and I started to move things faster.

Since the launch, more then 400 reporters have registered for Scoop, with the youngest reporter being 12-years old and the oldest 80. We have reporters from all over Israel, reflecting the diversity of the country.”

This is a democracy project! We want to enable all citizens of Israel to have a way to influence public opinion and make sure their news gets into the press. With all of your help we can be successful in encouraging good, well-toned, democratic discussion on a broad scale. Feel free to come write for Scoop or just read it. We think you will find the news very refreshing.

[Originally published on 8th February 2006 by MIchael Eisenberg]