Family Vacations!

Well the blog and I are back from a wonderful family trip. You will note the difference between the headline and the opening sentence. My dad once remarked that after four children he stopped calling these “time outs” family vacations and began calling them family trips. After this one, I think I know why. As my wife says, you may go on vacation but we still have 6 kids, that is, 6 kids to dress in the morning, remind them to get dressed in the morning ( 4 times minimum); shower them (remind each of them to shower 3 times) and, did I mention, throw them out of your bed multiple times at night because they are not used to the surroundings.

All kidding (although I was dead serious) aside, it is critically important in these hectic lives we lead to take time off and spend with the family. We find these winter vacations particularly good bonding experiences because there is little to do at night so we can all spend time together. I used my blackberry once a day to check if there was anything urgent. There was no internet access where we were so I could not use my PC so I did not see attachments. It was a real break from work (and blogging). My wife did not have to cook and carpool for a week.

These are critical years that ones children grow up. They don’t come back. We need to cherish them and while being productive at work, still take time to spend with the children. One of my partners remarked to me a few weeks ago that he noticed his wife hugging their child more at night as he grew up, as if she was holding the moment because soon he will leave home. It was a great reminder. Life is fragile and we are all busy. Cherish these years and moments; take time off and spend with your kids and family, and give your kids an extra hug. There is nothing more important.

[Originally published on 4th January 2006 by MIchael Eisenberg]