More Lenovo Problems — Oh No

My previous post on Lenovo generated a bunch of suggestions for new computers to buy. It also brought a comment from David Churbuck, a marketing manager at Lenovo, who I wrote to hours after he posted the comment and got back an “away on vacation message.”

Minutes ago, I was complaining to our IT head about two new problems I found on my Lenovo X60s. I needed to use the extended-life 8-cell battery that Lenovo sent me by accident when I traveled last week. Upon installing the 8-cell battery, I discovered that it leaves a hole between the battery and the computer of about 2 inches high and 1/2 inch wide, exposing some metal connectors on the underside of the computer. Also, I could not get the laptop to dock on the docking station and after trying 3 different docking stations for the X60s, we got it to dock properly by pressing hard on the lower left corner of the maching (FYI — the docking connector is in the upper center). Go figure.

Just as I was finished talking to our IT head, I got a call from Luke (he must have used The Force to know I was talking about Lenovo at that time) at customer service at Lenovo who called to document my problems. He was very professional and helpful although, he did not yet have any solutions and seemed puzzled (as I am as well) by the latest problems.

The good news, my original slice battery was waiting for me in my mailbox this morning when I returned from my trip.

[Originally published on 14th August 2006 by MIchael Eisenberg]