New Year. New Digs. New Opportunities.

New Benchmark Office at 32 Rothschild BlvdShana Tova. The New Year is a great time for renewal and for renewed focus. We are as passionate as ever about building great companies with great entrepreneurs and building a great entrepreneurial culture that “changes the world for the better”.

At Benchmark, we renewed ourselves and our focus on great entrepreneurs by moving to where the entrepreneurs are moving: South Tel Aviv. One look at Ben Lang’s Israeli Start Up Map tells the story of the southern migration of start ups to the South Side of Rothschild Blvd.

The New Year is also a time to say thank you to the great entrepreneurs that we are privileged to work with. Some of our companies have made recent announcements that are a testament to perseverance and the desire to build great, big and valuable companies. Conduit’s recent dividend announcement is a reflection of founders Ronen Shilo, Dror Erez and Gaby Bilczyk’s continued focus on growing a great big internet company in Israel and an approach that “changes the world for the better.” Wix, behind its founders, Avishai and Nadav Avrahami, Gig Levy and Nir Zohar, is now a world leader in HTML5, with its super-fast-growing webtop platform for microbusinesses. And for those of you who have not seen, Seeking Alpha’s new mobile app changes the way you track your stock portfolio from your phone. Seeking Alpha founder David Jackson rethought what a stock market app should be and produced a great result. Thank you to all of our entrepreneurs who work so hard to change the world for the better.

We look forward to partnering with more great entrepreneurs with renewed focus on working together to help you build a great company, So if you are walking Rotschild, just stop in and say hello. We are all in open space so no need to knock. Or, you can just enjoy some time on our great veranda. Shana Tova to everyone in start up nation from our new home in Start Up City!

Open Space at Benchmark

[Originally published on 20th September 2012 by MIchael Eisenberg]