Shabbat and the Internet

See this article from the New York Times on keeping Shabbat (Sabbath) and the Internet. This is an issue that comes up frequently. The nature of the internet clearly affords many technical halachic (Jewish Law) ways to address and even circumvent the prohibitions of working on the Sabbath. However, one must always keep in mind the spirit of the law and when one owns 100% of a business, like Mr. Gniwisch in the NYT article, I think there is tremendous merit in staying closed on shabbat. (I also appreciated his very halachic practical approach to what happens when you take on outside shareholders who have different beliefs.)

We lead hectic lives where there is little time to clear your mind and spend time with your family. Shabbat affords us that respite and clearing your head from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday from the frenetic pace of the internet is a tremendous gift to us and our families.

postscript: I found this academic paper on the topic (I have not read it yet)

[Originally published on 9th January 2006 by MIchael Eisenberg]