The Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s Dangerously Wishful Thinking

What do Yasser Arafat, Barack Obama and the European Union have in common? They were all awarded Nobel Peace Prizes while on the brink of presiding over societal breakdowns and/or increased warring.

Arafat, the unrepentant terrorist, famous for innovating airplane hijacking and suicide bombers, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize following the Oslo Accords. It turns out that the 1994 “Peace Prize” was simply the launching pad for more close-range terror and a second intifada that murdered hundreds of innocent Israelis. Peace was the farthest thing from Arafat’s mind when the scruffy smiling terrorist accepted the coveted prize from wishful thinkers on the Nobel Committee.

President Obama’s Peace Prize was further wishful thinking from the Nobel Committee. The 2009 Peace Prize arrived just in time for President Obama to preside over the most tumultuous period in the Middle East in the last three decades, increased tensions with Russia and a rise in Global Islamic Terrorism. Worse, Obama’s incoherent moral compass has failed to back the early revolutionaries in Egypt and Iran, possibly missing the opportunity for democratic modernizing forces to seize power instead of the Islamic fundamentalists. The only thing we can say about Obama’s contribution to “peace in our time” is that he presided over the extermination of arch-terrorist Osama Bin Laden, ensuring that the Nobel committee did not give Bin Laden a Peace Prize like they presented to Arafat.

However, the EU is perhaps the most absurd recipient of the prize, that is, unless you value the peace and quiet of Europe’s childless parks. Umair Haque, whose thoughtful, contrarian and humane economic and political views I generally respect, tweeted poetically about the EU’s prize. I disagree vehemently. Europe is on the verge of selfish self-extermination. Europe’s low birthrate is a testament to a society focused on selfish self-actualization rather than selfless perpetuation. Worse yet, the shrinking european society requires a permanent influx of an immigrant slave class to help prop up its government-funded social programs for the aging european population and culture. In addition to its other economic troubles, Europe, on the whole, has some of the least innovative economies and has basically given up on the future and its cultural perpetuation, as evidenced by the low birth rate. Europe is already effectively in a cultural war with its growing Islamic underclass. This is not a cultural mosaic but rather a war waiting to erupt, perfect timing for a Nobel Peace Prize.

So this Nobel Peace Prize is anything but. It is an embarrassment and a harbinger of bad times ahead. The good news is that the Nobel committee’s head is so far up its ass that it won’t even hear the explosion from neighboring continental Europe right after they invite the EU to claim its rightful place alongside Yasser Arafat.

Posted 14th October 2012 by MIchael Eisenberg