Web 2.0 — The Long Tail is Up, The Long Tail is Down

I thought this post entitled “Where’s the Money in the Long Tail” by David Hornik to be particularly good. Here is an excerpt:

“It is certainly the case that in the aggregate, Long Tail content is extraordinarily valuable. The question for VCs and entrepreneurs is “for whom?” I’ve had the good fortune over the last year or so to engage in a number of conversations about the economics of the Long Tail with Chris Anderson and to see those economics illustrated by innumerable Long Tail investment pitches. And, from those conversations and pitches, I have come to the conclusion that there are essentially two general classes of technology the will benefit economically from the Long Tail — aggregators and filterers. And while both aggregators and filterers rely upon the increasing volume and diversity of content to assure their value in the ecosystem, that growth of content will not have a material impact upon the value of any one piece of content floating somewhere in the Tail. The value will all inure to the benefit of the aggregators and filterers. So who are the aggregators and filterers?”

Ironically, on the same weekend that Hornik was talking about the aggregators of the long tail, one of those filterer/aggregators, SixApart, found out just how hard it is to scale some of this web 2.0 Long Tail stuff (for more color click here and here). I guess we are still teething through this evolution of the web

[Originally published on 19th December 2005 by MIchael Eisenberg]