Streaming Music is Ripping You Off
Sharky Laguana

well, yes:

This is already done by, let’s just say, lots of people. The problem, of course is, if a business model pays crappily and you add a multiplier, it’s…still crappy. And it’s crappy work for crappy pay. (That might not pay.)

Also: Eternify showed that Spotify can, in fact, detect endless running — I spoke to the creators personally, and the cease and desist was cordial. Vulfpeck showed that Spotify reserves the right to pull tracks intended for similar purpose (with silent tracks, you can crank it, right?)

I love your goal — get musicians paid — and also wish to foster it. My most recent thought is that the best way to pay artists is…to pay them. For instance, Bandcamp feels old, because you’re buying a track (gasp), but you can integrate that track into any other streaming service AND YOU GET THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO IS LISTENING TO YOU. That’s what “discovery” actually is, and that is more important than any…ANY…of this.

Whichever streaming service doesn’t facilitate the two-way street that is actual music discovery is a streaming service that does not actually care about discovery at all.

I wondered how many were going to follow Taylor Swift and pull their tracks, but I guess not many did. I was kinda psyched for a general strike. Ek saying that her move didn’t matter is smoke and mirrors, because he knows that no social site can withstand a movement.

And wow, have people like him made conditions ripe for one.