Audit Your Competitors’ Digital Presence

Chances are that your top competitors are doing very similar things as you from a marketing perspective. It becomes your job to find not what they’re doing differently, but what they’re doing better than you.

Just like you, your competitors have a digital strategy around building awareness, generating demand and retaining customers. Because they’re always seeking new clients, a huge chunk of their content is publicly available for you to audit. When I say the word audit, we all immediately think of the IRS combing through our filed taxes in an effort to find discrepancies. It’s not dissimilar in an audit of a corporate website or social media platforms. You’ll want to take a fine tooth comb, visit their publicly available site, and realistically critique it from a client point of view.

So what are some steps you can take?

  1. Find the social content getting the most engagement. Are there specific topics that consistently get high likes and comments? Are there certain types of images that draw your eye moreso than others? You won’t be able to get the same types of metrics as your own accounts, but you can easily pick up trends by spending a little time going through their timeline and seeing what’s working
  2. Learn their site navigation and establish its effectiveness. Do they have a really awesome, easy to use e-commerce site? Do they have dynamic content embedded into pages in their site? Is it easy to follow your breadcrumbs and know exactly where you are in the site structure? These are all things that can make a huge difference in keeping new and existing clients on your site for longer periods of time and then coming back for more.
  3. SEO through public searches. Jot down a number of key words and phrases that are critical to your business right now, ones that you’ve established as a priority. Enter those in Google and find which ones you’re behind your competitors on. Then focus on content that’s going to be crawled by Google and picked up based on those keywords.

A digital presence also extends beyond Google, social media and websites. Think outside the box, such as reviews on Yelp that you can capitalize on or comments on a company in a forum like Reddit. So get creative, do this maybe once per month or quarter, and get more clients’ eyeballs on your content.

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