An Atheist’s Epiphany About God

I was in a Baptist Church on Sunday in Brooklyn. (Why does an atheist go to church? I live in a neighborhood that displaced many black people; church is the one place the community gathers regularly. Also, it is a great way to better understand black culture*. Finally, the sermons can be AMAZING!) During one section of the service a woman was FEELING God and all his mercy. Hands raised high, a smile full of joy.

It hit me. My perception of God needs to change.

God is as real as currencies or nations— created by mankind, but irrelevant if aliens visited from another galaxy. I’ve been doing a ton of reading** and research on crypto currencies lately and am beginning to understand that any currency, $, €, Bitcoin, etc. is based on a perceived and agreed value.

I typically put God in the same bucket as Santa Claus, but that’s really not fair. Currency and my country ARE real…to an extent. I value Euros in my hand, dollars in my bank account and Litecoin’s latest exchange rate. I value our country’s passports, coast guard and social security system.

God has a perceived value for most humans on the planet. I need to respect that value without having it myself. God is real…to an extent.

To be honest, I am still going to be super annoyed when God is credited during services for everything good that happens but just couldn’t be there for those who were unfortunate.

Religious friends, am I insulting your God further than usual? Or is this is a step in the right direction for understanding each other just a bit more?

Thank you for reading — Mike

(written completely on iPhone and rather late; please pardon typos. But don’t pardon grammar errors; they would happen anyway)

*Just finished listening to Tears We Can Not Stop by Michael Eric Dyson and am convinced that all white people in the USA need to get closer to the black culture regardless if you already fight for civil rights, have many black friends you have, voted for a black president or regularly RT #blacklivesmatter

**Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harar is my particular favorite recommendation and greatly influenced this post.

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