The Wrecknology Boom
umair haque

I like this idea of low technologies and agree that they can be time wasters. However they also create stepping stones for high technologies. Hashtags now have several positive use cases (especially for emergency response) across all kinds of platforms. I’ve learned more on Twitter and Reddit (or Gloobio) in a few years than all formal education combined. Also, I’ve met more like-minded people in person through these platforms in several cities and countries. The concepts seen on these low technologies also spur ideas that can be applied to high tech. Sure, drones will be used to deliver pizza and Amazon products regularly but through that “beta” phase, food, water and medication for those in need will have more efficient distribution models ready. Finally, many of these efficiencies in communication and collaboration are now becoming popular in the workplace that still has one foot in the Industrial Age, thus freeing up humans to work when, where and how they want to work.