What a Time.
Kelly O'Conor

Sometimes I feel embarrassed that I think of #TimeSci for my personal posts, but in reality there’s no better experience than putting your own content out there to learn how any content gets received.

Though, I am beginning to think less about time per medium. Previously, if travelling several time zones away, I wouldn’t post on Facebook until I knew most of my audience (American) was awake. Now, the current Facebook feed algorithm displays posts based on importance from since the last time one has opened the app, so does the time really matter? Same for Snapchat since the posts are viewable for 24 hours (as you taught me!), so again, it doesn’t matter, right? Twitter and Instagram are way more in the moment, but Twitter’s “while you were away” feature is changing that as well. Email and text times are crucial, but I’m getting in the habit of pushing those emails to a better time to respond. So, do you think this trend of surfacing previous posts will continue? Or will each medium have their own timeliness factors to consider?

Regarding your posts, keep em 6:45!