Year of the Hustle — Da Calendar

Last year I bought Building Busy Thing’s HUGE (24” by 36” ) Everyday Hustlin’ Calendar. I thought it was pricey for a printout of a calendar ($29 plus shipping) but it was one of the best investments that I made as I referred to it hundreds of times. Sure, I use Google Calendar on desktop and Fantastical (also excellent) on iPhone, but I haven’t seen anything that really gives you a full annual view of the year day by day.

I gotta say it was good year

Okay, so there was some hacks that I made it more useful. Physically, I cropped the calendar to fit some cardboard to make it firm. They send the calendar rolled up like a poster. Mel was no fan of it aesthetically in our NYC apartment that also serves as my office so I keep it tucked away when my office is broke down for the night. I’m sure that you can do better. To use it digitally, I took a photo whenever I updated the calendar and saved it the YOTH (year of the hustle) album in my iPhone. This was critical when I needed to quickly find a specific date or more importantly when there was a window open for a trip. I honestly think this made me take more trips than normal as those gaps just had to filled! As for color coating, in my 2014 calendar I used green for myself, purple for Mel and blue for both of us. There’s also tons of pen writing with codes for our local events (H8 = Hockey at 8pm or E = Eagles game, etc.) and obligations.

Needless to say, I ordered the 2015 calendar and can’t wait to visualize the year.

Get hustlin’!

For the record: After reading, this post sounds like ad. I am not affiliated with Busy Building Things and don’t get any referral revenue. This is just one of those life hacks that I love to share!