How the Golden State Warriors Represent the Mental Game (Part 4)


Teams and players with shaky confidence judge their performance based off results and allow their play to be impacted by how they feel. If they feel confident, they play well, if they aren’t feeling confident then they don’t perform well.

To achieve levels of success the Warriors have had, it takes an understanding that feeling aren’t facts and you can operate with confident action no matter what your feelings are. Elite performers are also the most consistent, they take the right action and right effort no matter how they feel.

“I can’t stand a ballplayer who plays in fear. Any fellow who has a good shot has got to take it and keep taking it. So he misses — so what?”
Red Auerbach

No two players are more confident in their shot than Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. They take confident action on the court and savagely trust their skills no matter what. It’s taken them years of repetition, training their focus, and growth through discomfort.

It takes savage confidence to even take some of the shots Steph attempts, it’s caused some critics to question if he is “ruining the game of basketball”. Steph is operating out of freedom, complete faith in himself and his skills, he knows he is a human being choosing to play basketball and his worth is not tied to his performance. Operating out of this space brings out the joy in the game, the ability to go all-in with what you have trained for without worry of results or what people may say afterwards.

Supreme confidence is knowing you can handle any situation when it arises. It’s the ability to consistently take the right action under pressure, regardless of your feelings, and to learn from the results.