How the Golden State Warriors Represent the Mental Game (Part 5)

Mindset Matters

The “superteam” that is supposedly ruining the NBA will now in fact raise the level of the NBA as a whole. Successful teams will adapt, adjust, and build a culture that allows everyone from front office to players to operate from freedom instead of fear.

Love them or hate them, the Warriors are bringing on a new era in the NBA. An era of collaboration, joy, compassion, and mindfulness are at the forefront of competition. The culture created attracts a top free agent (Durant) and a place where you can be yourself, empower others win, and have fun doing it.

Stephen Curry makes all of this work. He won’t ever stop himself from greatness, he’s unselfish, and changing the way the NBA is being played. Despite his recent success there is still a lack of disrespect for Curry with fans, writers, and players in the NBA. He is the player he is capable of being, even if it means being lonely. Steph is in the company of greatness, fitting in is not always the right thing to do. The most important thing to do when there are doubters and haters is to keep rising, no matter what Steph keeps coming and stays true to who he is both on and off the court.

Steph Curry 2014–2015 MVP speech: “Make sure you live in the moment and work your butt off every day, and I hope to inspire people all around the world to just be themselves, be humble, and be grateful for all the blessings in their life.”

There is no secret on how to replicate the Warriors success, it’s a relationship game. Bob Myers, Kerr, and Curry, lead the charge on upholding the culture of the team. The Warriors are showing you can win, play free, and have fun. It’s a mindset that is attractive and savagely competitive at the same time. While the rest of the league catches up, and at some point other teams will, the Warriors as a whole stay light years ahead. It provides us a valuable lesson, build your mindset day by day and while others hate, criticize, and doubt, always keep rising to your potential.