Can’t wait to give this a try.

Thanks for reading, Jamison!

My overarching goal is that as long as you’re a Tile customer and you reTile every year, we can guarantee that you’re always able to find your stuff.

A product’s design is a reflection of priorities and values. Though we’re constantly looking at ways to extend battery life, we designed our Tiles this way because we feel it benefits the users the most.

Durability and reliability are extremely important to us. If you attach a Tile to your keys, you’re likely tossing it around many times a day, whether onto a counter or into a bag. With Tiles sealed shut and no opening for batteries, there’s minimal risk it will break. It also means that it’s safer for kids and pets.

We guarantee that your Tile will work uninterrupted for one year, and when that year is up, we make it easy for you — proactively notifying you and giving you membership pricing through our reTile program.

Finally, when you reTile, we will send you both your new Tiles as well as an envelope addressed to Tile. Put your previous year’s Tiles in that envelope, toss it in the mailbox, and we will recycle 99% of the parts in the Tiles.

I think you’re going to enjoy having Tile in your life! Let me know how it works out on Twitter — @mikegfarley.