Tiles That Pack a Punch

Introducing our most powerful Tiles yet with 2x the range and volume

At Tile, we are on a quest to create a world where everyone can find everything that matters. To do that, we regularly gather feedback from Tilers to learn about how we can help improve their lives. We end up hearing a lot of great stories about people who have used Tile to reunite them with their stolen bikes, lost purses, and of course, misplaced keys. But we also learn about things we can do to improve Tile.

The most frequent request we get from users? “Can you expand the reach of my Tile so I can find things that are farther away?”

This challenge lies at the heart of everything we do at Tile. We are constantly trying to make our Tiles as powerful as possible, rethinking our previous approaches to the solution. We have re-engineered just about everything inside the Tile in order to maximize performance without compromising other important functions, and I’m proud to report that we have DOUBLED Tile’s previous range.

Today we are introducing the Tile Pro Series, featuring an extended range of 200 feet. Additionally, we doubled the volume so folks can hear their things ringing from farther away.

The impact of this improvement goes beyond a couple hundred feet. It will also massively improve the capabilities of the Tile Community, the world’s largest of its kind. Here’s how it works: If you mark a Tiled item as “lost,” it will send an anonymous ping to anyone within range who has the Tile app running on their phone. The recipient doesn’t need to do anything — the Tile app takes over and does all the work from there, locating the Tile and informing its owner of its location.

Our Tile community already spans 230 countries and territories and helps people find 2 million unique items a day. The community has a 90% success rate of finding lost items. When you double the reach of your Tile, you have an even greater chance that an anonymous hero will be within range when your lost item needs a lifeline.

In the three years since we first started shipping, we have sold 10 million Tiles — all dressed in minimalist white so they would effortlessly fit into everyone’s lifestyle: First came Tile original — a little square that easily looped onto key rings; then came Tile Slim — designed to tuck into tight spaces, such as wallets, tablets and passports; soon after came Tile Mate — smaller and lighter than a poker chip, and just right for hooking onto zipper pulls, key chains and purses.

With the Pro Series, we are adding two beautiful new designs, both of which continue to have a one-year guarantee on their battery life:

Tile Style

It turns out some folks don’t like to blend in; they prefer to stand out — maybe even shine a little. For these fashion-focused folks, we created Tile Style. It has a high-end vibe, a rich, textured rib in white satin and a champagne gold-colored trim. It’s just the right accessory for your precious accessories, such as an evening clutch, favorite jacket, suitcase or sunglasses.

Tile Sport

Still other folks need a Tile that can stand up to the punishing conditions of their active lifestyles. These are men and women who hike and bike, as well as kids who throw their heavy backpacks across the room when they get home from school. For these rough-and-tumble folks, we created Tile Sport. Its matte slate-gray exterior looks and feels like treads made out of metal. It’s a sturdy companion for everything from tackle boxes to surf gear and sport bags.

The new Tile Pro Series is also more waterproof, so people who love to surf, ski, fish, paddle and swim can Tile their gear without worrying what will happen if it falls in the lake. Tile Style and Tile Sport can be submerged up to 1.5 meters and 60 minutes.

There’s one more feature I’m personally very excited about: volume control and a visual distance guide. Last month my wife and I welcomed a new baby into the world. Let’s just say it’s pretty critical to keep the house totally silent when the little guy is sleeping. So now if I lose my tablet, I can find it in the baby’s room under a pile of laundry without interrupting a very precious nap.

Tile Style and Tile Sport are our most powerful Bluetooth trackers to date, and they are custom crafted to go wherever life takes you. Show us where you take your new Tiles at #TileProSeries.