What’s Your Most Important Thing?

Um…Did you forget something?

Life can sometimes feel like a blooper reel.

Have you ever left your wallet on the roof of your car when you were pumping gas — and then driven away? Ever been late to work and couldn’t find your keys, only to find they’ve been in the door since you got home last night? Maybe you were out for a joy ride with your drone when you lost control — and line of sight?

Every one of those stories has happened to actual Tile customers.

Tragic and/or comical stories of loss were the inspiration behind the founding of Tile, a smart location company that helps you find the things that matter to you. A couple years ago we built a mobile app, community and tiny wireless device to help people ring their missing things and spot them on a map. Since then we have sold six million Tiles. We help people in more than 200 countries and territories find half a million things every single day.

Today we are introducing our newest product, Tile Slim, and the new Tile Smart Location Platform, which makes it possible for other companies to embed our technology into their products. No more hunting for those missing power banks, wireless headphones or portable speakers again.

“It’s only stuff. It can be replaced,” you say.

Easier said.

The average person spends ten minutes per day looking for misplaced items. Over the course of your life, that’s nine months wasted. That doesn’t include the cost of having to buy new things to replace the ones you lost.

What about those things that can’t be replaced? A friend told me she left her laptop in the trunk of a cab once. She had been writing a manuscript for a book and half of it was already finished. No, she never got it back. And no, she hadn’t backed it up.

Everyone has something they don’t want to lose.

If you’re a photographer, your most important thing might be your camera. Ryan Brenizer is a photojournalist and wedding photographer who lives in Brooklyn. He was walking through the terminal after a long flight home from a work trip to Dubai when he realized he was missing his camera bag. Later that night, Tile sent him an email telling him we found his bag halfway across the world in an airport in Zurich. Now he Tiles all his gear. “It gives you a sense of reassurance. That’s incredibly important to me,” he says.

Today we are introducing two new ways Tile can help more people find peace of mind: Tile Slim and the Tile Smart Location Platform. (Click here for more details.)

Caption: Tile Slim easily tucks into tiny purses and wallets — as well as other tight spots

The new Tile Slim is about the size of a credit card and slips easily into skinny spaces, such as wallets, laptops, suitcase pockets, evening bags and passports. Starting today, you can buy it (as well as Tile Original, which fits really well on keychains, bikes and backpacks) online at TheTileApp.com and in major retailers like Apple, Best Buy and Target.

Our new Smart Location Platform software development kit makes it super easy for makers of electronics to embed our technology right into their products when they manufacture them. We are launching this new platform with three partners: Nomad, a portable battery pack; Zillion, a smart wallet; and EcoReco, makers of an electric scooter.

Caption: You can’t tell by looking at it, but all three of these products now have the power of Tile’s Smart Location technology built inside.

Someday you might not need to buy a Tile device at all — our technology will already be inside the things you buy when you buy them. All your electronics could be protected by Tile — including expensive cameras.

At Tile we’re working hard to make your life a little easier. We’re here to help protect all the things you lose — as well as the things someone else lost for you.