Kristi Coulter

Thinking about drinking takes so much energy when we are trying to stay sober. It takes as much energy when we are actively poisoning ourselves as well. I was a few weeks sober, again, when my number one trigger had me saying ‘Fuck it’ again. A few days later I started reading a book which has changed my thoughts and attitude about alcohol forever. The author doesn’t tell you not to drink while reading the book. Just to be sober when you read only one or two chapters each day. Follow these simple steps and by the end, you will laugh, and cry tears of joy as the weight of your drinking world is lifted off of your shoulders. The book- This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Find Freedom, Rediscover Happiness & Change Your Life by Annie Grace. I have not wanted or felt I needed a drink since I read this book. I meet friends at bars and casinos here in Vegas all the time without the slightest craving. My friends can’t believe it, but it is true. I was a 12 to 20 drinks a day binger. For 20 years, alcohol was my confidant. We have since divorced and there is no looking back! Read the reviews on Amazon. 87% Five Star reviews for this book speaks volumes. When you are finished, you will want to buy every drinker you know a copy. LOL

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