Something similar happened to me in London in 2012.
Francesco Pagano

There’s NO WAY someone could have found out or taken an educated guess at your first name? You couldn’t possibly have been carrying something with your first name or initial on it? No chance this guy had a confederate who had previously engaged with you, or scouted you himself in a different outfit with a different look? No chance that the info on your dad was something you’d shared with a stranger or a new friend?

Cold reading, conning, phony psychics, and all sorts of scams and swindles are older than the hills. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine a scenario in which this was part of a set-up which the perpetrators had to abandon before the sting?

What amazes me is how desperate some commenters seem to be to find out whether this story was “real” or fiction. Why does it matter? What matters is whether you think someone can tell your future. If you do, you’re a gullible sucker waiting for the right hustler to rip you off.

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