“My Major is Useless(?)”

Photo by Richard Baldovin https://www.facebook.com/MCN87.1/

I woke up this morning and did my usual routine of checking all of my notifications on my phone. I then do the occasional scrolling of news feeds to see if my brothers didn’t have school today, and when Donald Trump was going to make his press conference.

As I was scrolling I came upon a blog in which the author was a radio personality. You can view the article here.

Now as you can tell by the title of the blog, it talks about “useless” college majors. Two majors in particular caught my eye: Communications and Journalism. Of course, my blood boiled since my field of study was on there.

I’m not upset over the fact that it made the list, but I am upset in which how the blogger did not defend his two own majors. Granted, I didn’t hear what he had to say on the show this morning, but the blog spoke to me as if it was a radio broadcast.

He first states to “use this as a guide.” and “ALWAYS talk to someone in the field you are thinking of pursuing to see about the job market. And if your major DOES make this list, don’t feel bad. Two of my majors are on it!!”

So my first response was, “You’re telling me, a guy who has a somewhat successful job in radio, that my study is useless?”

Photo by Richard Baldovin https://www.facebook.com/MCN87.1/

I have a good relationship with some other individuals who work in the same field. There’s been times where we’ve joked around about the workplace and how it doesn’t treat us the best, but that happens to all of us no matter what field we are in.

In my opinion, communications is not useless. We are responsible for communicating to the public ranging from the nation, presenting national news, to the area of Wilkes-Barre with a small business you are presenting.

Communications is responsible for entertainment too. Saturday Night Live has brought entertainment to the homes of families for about 42 years. Here is some people with “useless” jobs helping move the set of the cold open to monologue set change:


“That’s what I said, they’re the best!” said Michael Mancini (who I believed said it) as set crew tore down the cold open set in one minute and thirty one seconds.

Photo by Mike Gombita https://www.facebook.com/MCN87.1/

Now you can have your own opinion and say, “Well I can do that, it’s just moving things. I can also do the camera work too.” It’s so much more to moving things and hitting record, you have to understand what the director is telling you and as you can tell by the time, has no time at all to explain what the director wants. Let’s say the director wants you to “truck left” with the camera. In my opinion, I can say a good amount of you wouldn’t understand what that means.

The blog also said that the job isn’t exactly lucrative (to make a high profit). It is a common misconception that anchors and reporters make a lot of money just because they are on television. that belief is false, but it is so important to the world. Your coverage of the election, or any breaking news of mass shootings would not be possible without the work of everyone who has this “useless” degree in journalism and communications.

The competition to find a job in the field of communications is very competitive, but when has any other field of work not been competitive? My college is exceptional in students obtaining jobs less than six months after graduating. They have gone to places like: Video at MLB Network, Marketing research at Reed Smith LLP in Pittsburgh, and Marketing at Solar Innovations in Pine Grove, PA. Others are working in sports communications, sports journalism, public relations, graphic design, and advertising; and serving as news producers, directors and photographers — video and still. (misericordia.edu/communications). I’m not as they say sitting pretty thinking I’m going to get a job just because of our reputation, I know I have to work hard and make the most of my college degree and have projects and things I’ve worked on in my resume just so I can start working where my passion is.

Now to say the degree is nearly worthless I kind of laughed. As I will walk across the stage from college in 2018, that degree or “piece of paper” I’d like to call costs less than a dollar to make. It’s a piece of paper. It’s going to be a piece of paper to you unless you work those four years with determination and focus that you will be the best you can be and you will do the job right. That applies to anyone who wants to go to college and get a degree.