The Simplicity of Your New Year’s Transformation 🛩💡💥🍾

Since humans began measuring our lives by calendar years, we enter each new year with a sense of newness.

We can lose weight. Improve our career. Find a better career. Find a spouse.

There are plenty of skeptics now writing articles proving that resolutions don’t work because we don’t keep them.

Many people don’t and I’m not going to explain why but rather offer a few thoughts on real life transformation.

This coming year I am 10 years removed from college. I’d be unrecognizable to those who only knew me then.

I have successfully transformed my life.

I didn’t do it by making New Years resolutions each year but rather by following these steps that pushed me forward:

1. Make a series of statements about who the ideal you is. 📝

If you read them every day thats great.

But, if you spend thoughtful time to write them down and only glance at them once a week, your mind will still pick them up and over time, you’ll see more and more of your goals come to pass.

2. Grow yourself. 📚

I’ve written extensively on the importance of reading on my blog. Your mind is a fluid muscle. Continue to strengthen it with more information and you will grow in some way.

3. Think priorities, not goals.

Sounds counterintuitive as strongly as I believe in goal setting.


When I was 24, I could work all the time, take 2–3 week road trips for business, and stay out half the night with colleagues — -because I could. Building my “career reputation” was most important. Now, I have a wife, a son and a team at work.

Priorities shift and while some things remain constant, I’m not traveling, networking and doing business dinners like I did then.

Do what’s important to you in this stage of your life and don’t worry about being behind.

4. Think long term.

I heard recently that most of us overestimate what we can do in a year but underestimate what we can do in a decade. For that reason, it’s easy to lose focus when we haven’t “struck gold” after the first 5 months of our idea.

Know what you want, write it down, focus intensely, but don’t invite anxiety in your life thinking you have to change the world or become CEO in 2 years.

There are even studies showing that people who earn six figure incomes think in “5 -year time blocks.” It’s not just the urgent or “what’s this year,” its the long game they focus on.

Focus on what you want and make gradual improvements. It will come.

5. Meditate and pray more.

This has become key for me. My work and family responsibilities only continue to grow. If I fail to begin my morning with this, my day ends feeling exhausted with no progress.

Mornings in my chair with coffee, I ask for things, am given clarity, and feel a sense of control of my life more when I do this.

2018 is going to be a great year if you let it.

Work hard, live intentionally and relax often. Life can be great if you choose it to be! 👊🥂

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