I’ve Lost Hope After College, But That’s Okay
Tom Kuegler

Tom —

I hear your frustration and have been there too. The fact that you’ve stayed consistent with this is impressive in itself.

I think, I hear hope and a positive outlook for your future. And you should have it. Many 24 year olds don’t have this level of focus.

My blogging platform isn’t as large as yours as I just started a couple months back but let me offer some encouragement from a 31 year old post grad survivor.

  • You have a lot of time. When I was 23 I thought my time to succeed was running out. I’m 31 now, have crossed many of the barriers most deem successful and feel like I haven’t even gotten started. 5 years goes by quickly but tons of life happens as well.
  • Find something to stretch you again. You’ve obviously stretched yourself to learn writing and the particulars of Medium. Maybe find something else that can stretch you in the same way and reignite your passion.
  • Perhaps, maybe, work for someone inspiring. You’re doing a great job and entrepreneurial efforts are great. However, from 22–27 I worked for an awesome businessman who taught me things most don’t learn until they’re 45. A couple of years working for an expert could radically accelerate your progress.
  • Embrace the “AND.” My friend, Matt Ham <mattham.com> has a powerful article on living in “the and.” What he means is that we can be a writer AND ________. (Fill in the blamk)

Anyways man, keep it up, stay focused and I look forward to continuing to follow your posts!