Spoofing Trump: America’s Biggest Practical Joke

You can join this fun-filled movement without leaving home

Enjoy a #whiterussian in your own Donald Trump Jr meeting mug. Get it now. Limited time offer. https://teespring.com/trump-jr-meeting-mug

Starting August 1, we will launch the biggest practical joke in the history of American politics.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Order your very own Trump Jr meeting mug within the next week at https://teespring.com/trump-jr-meeting-mug
  2. Fill it with your favorite beverage (perhaps a #whiterussian)
  3. Take a selfie drinking from the mug
  4. Post your selfie on Twitter using hashtag #trumpjrmeeting

When millions of Americans post their selfies drinking from a Trump Jr meeting mug it will make national news, which will propel the cycle of selfies into a frenzy of fun across America!

Patriotic Americans will send a clear message to the White House and Congress that we’re not buying the “Nothing Burger” excuses they’re trying to sell us to detract from the unfolding saga regarding Russia.

You can order Trump Jr meeting mugs for your family and friends. Turn your frustration into a celebration. Be creative. And have fun toasting President Donald Trump!

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