History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

As someone who voted leave in the recent Brexit vote i find your description of the “leave vote” as a group of angry people quite patronising. My chief concern was the slow decline of our democracy in the UK.

Immigration was not my central motive which is the “anger” you may be referring to? To me immigrants in Britain to work (not that work / efficiency is the only measurement of humanity) and my experience interacting with them is that they seem very nice people. I find the same with the few illegal immigrants i have met in London over the years, i admired them for their tanacity and spirit. The problem was one of numbers, it was not balanced immigration and that creates un-fairness in working class districts that take the weight of immigrants in terms of housing and access to public services.

It seems millions of people voted on leave on the question of democracy as i did (according to statistics in recent Government Social Attitudes Survey). I get a strong sense you have not mixed or met these people and thus your view of the “leave” vote (and this leads to the overall view of your other matters), is based on your own prejudices and media assumptions (surely you do not use the media to get your facts?). It makes me question your whole article.

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