Have You Ever Wondered Why People Wear Rubber Bands With Braces?

If you are looking for an Allen orthodontist, you need to look no further than OrthodonTEX. You will get orthodontic services from a provider that you can afford. The following article will give you some basic information about people with braces and wear of rubber bands on them.


Have you wondered why allen orthodontics use rubber bands with braces? Many people wonder this same question all of the time. Rubber bands are an important part of the orthodontic treatment with braces. When rubber bands are placed on the braces the bands are going to provide the connective force that is going to be necessary in order to move a person’s teeth and jaw into the proper alignment.
 There are several parts to braces :
Brackets: The bracketsare the square metal pieces that are bonded directly a person’s teeth.
Arch wire: Through the brackets runs the archwire. The arch wire is attached to the bracket and it provides the force that is necessary in order to help move your teeth to where they need to be.
Ligatures: The ligatures are connected to the archwire which is connected to the brackets of the braces. Ligatures are the little rubber bands that are wrapped around the individual braces in order to hold the arch wire in place. The ligatures (rubber bands) are the part of the braces most kids are going to like wearing. Most kids are going to like wearing these tiny rubber bands because they actually are going to get to pick out the color of the bands that they get to wear. These rubber bands are going to stay on between visits. The Allen orthodontist will change the ligatures (rubber bands) each time that the wire is tightened or the braces are adjusted.
Interarch Rubber Bands : Interarch rubber bands are used in order for your Allen orthodontist to adjust your bite and jaw position. The interarch rubber bands are connected to the brackets with hooks. Many times, the interarch rubber bands are going to be connected to the top tooth bracket with the bottom tooth bracket in order to help adjust the position of your teeth in the mouth and the position of your jaw. Interarch rubber bands are going to help to make sure that your child’s teeth are going to line up properly. The interarch rubbers are going to need to be removed during meals as well as when cleaning your teeth and orthodontic brackets. Most times, the interarch rubber bands are going to need to be replaced a daily basis because of the wear that they are going to endure.Not every person who gets braces on their teeth need to have to use interarch rubber bands. To determine if you need interarch rubber bands it will depend your existing jaw alignment and what the Allen orthodontist is going to recommend to you. Based upon the models of your teeth,the treatment will be recommended and may need to be adjusted.

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