IQ is largely a pseudoscientific swindle
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Another gem by N. N. Taleb. The fact that under extreme time pressure subjects answer questions in an IQ test goes against the mode of operation of successful scientists and politicians who take their time to study the problem, listen to alternative view points, do their research. A measure of “fast thinking” in the sense of pattern identification, most of them useless in real life, is useful maybe to military where collateral damage is considered normal consequence but you do not want your doctor to operate in this fashion. You do not want your politician to just “see patterns” in international affairs but to be able to convince adversaries about the merit of some policies and this is a longer-term process, not a spontaneous reaction to a test question. Possibly IQ contributes about 10% — 20% to intelligence in a non sufficient mode. The other 80% comes from processes we do not understand but also from experience.