Walking into work, exactly on my 1 year anniversary in the organization today, the 5th of July 2017…. I’ve made more trading crytpocurrency in the last 2 weeks than I will for the entire calendar year working.

It’s a strange feeling. For some reason, I am still here. A big part of why I’m still here has to do with what it all means…. Did I really just make the gains I see? Well… I couldn’t buy myself lunch with my earnings, I cant pay my rent with my earnings, and I cant pay off my debts with my earnings, so I ask myself — Is any of this real?

I can tell you that I am a lot less stressed about money today than I was two weeks ago, but I am not naive enough to think that can’t change just as fast.

What is a guy to do in this day in age?

Well, I can plan. I do want to leave the workaday life, and soon. But I am not ready. I’m not ready mentally to let go of that promised pay check no matter how abysmal it may be. 
I woke up today and had this feeling… my job is like a bad relationship right now. I keep coming back because I am still afraid that I wont be able to do better… so I take the abuse, and I fight back in little ways… but really, without a plan and massive action, I will remain a wage slave the rest of my life.

So whats the plan???

Well, step 1 was income. Did what I could in a year within 2 weeks… but thats just the start. My plan, because of the volatile nature of crypto, and the fact that I still need to pay bills in $USD, involves cashing out. I know that I can easily make $100,000k in the crypto world, but whats that by me realworld? Well, it can buy me a rental property for one thing. A house that I wont live in even though I rent. And I will rent that house out through government assisted living programs. Why? Its government money, until the Gov takes a dump, it will 100% be there.

So now, I have a job, a rental property, and gains from trading crypto. I can quit my job right?? Nope! I stay here, why?? Because I still have provable, taxable income, and I can get a mortgage. “But dude, you already own that rental property, why?”….

Well next thing I do it to take a mortgage out against my rental property and buy another one. This one will have 2+ units, and I WILL live in one.

Once I have that part sorted out, I could probably comfortably leave my job, not have rent or mortgage overhead, and live off what I earn from trading.

Until then, one more day at the mill…..