I have a feedback for your solution, I am not really sure if people would buy a device to ensure their privacy when they don’t really understand its value, rather I would like to see IOT service providers implement practice that ensure user privacy first by providing user preference, data standardization and privacy services in network layer of the device as a standard implementation in all IOT services. (Have mentioned about it in details below)
Michael Henretty I really like the DinoTank T-shirt :D which is in the featured image of this post…
Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

Thank you for the feedback Vigneshwer. Super valuable. I completely agree with you that the ordinary users don’t see the value of privacy much… yet. In order for the big providers like Samsung, Amazon, Google, etc. to provide privacy features, users have to first demand such things. Otherwise, privacy actually makes it difficult to provide features sometimes, especially when you consider smart learning based on big data analytics. Perhaps a privacy campaign for IoT would go a long way. During the sprint, we discussed a Mozilla IoT Report Card for popular smart home products (indeed we tested user’s buying decisions with a privacy badge). Unfortunately, it seems the average user just isn’t concerned about privacy. We either need a smaller audience (conscious-choosers) or need to lump privacy and security together. These are the types of things we are currently exploring.

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